Wealth Coaching

Dr. John’s love for people extends beyond helping them regain their health.  He has become a master educator of the Perpetual Wealth Code – a time tested and proven method for generating massive amounts of wealth.  He has discovered the method that wealthy family’s like the Ford, Vanderbilt and Rothschild’s used to build and transfer billions of dollars in wealth, tax free to the next generation.  He employs and teaches the same methods that Walt Disney used to build Disneyland, that Doris Christopher used to start The Pampered Chef, that Ray Croc used to make McDonald’s into the giant it is today, and the very same method Warren Buffet, Berkshire Hathaway and all the major banks use to create wealth, generate emergency funds, limit their liabilities and recover the cost of their purchases. 

You can learn to increase your wealth simply by following this system and he will teach it to you absolutely free and will never ask you for a dollar for his time or service.  Poverty is unacceptable and the Perpetual Wealth Code is the way to eliminate it.  He shares this information one on one in the office, via join.me on line meetings and in small groups in workshop format.  Workshops are held the third Tuesday of each month.  You can register on the Workshop page.

Dr. John was a presenter and MC for the Minneapolis Wealth Summit in September 2014 and was featured in the November 2014 issue of the publication, “Living Richly.” 

If you would like a copy of this publication or if you would like a personal one on one consultation to learn how to use the Perpetual Wealth Code to increase your wealth please email him at John.S@life-benefits.com.