We know everyone is busy in life and no one likes to sit and wait in the doctor’s office. We respect your time so we a generally run a pretty “tight ship.”   That means if you come just a few minutes early for your appointment, we will just be finishing up with the patient before you and you will not have to wait.   

New Patient Visit – $99

If you are coming in for the very first time, expect to be in the office for 45 minutes to an hour.  Please complete the intake form prior to arriving at the office.  

At your first visit, we will go over the information on the intake form during the consultation and then perform a detailed examination to pin-point the cause of your problem. 

Generally, your first visit is to gather information about you and your reasons for seeking care and not for treatment.  However, we understand that you are coming in to be helped and probably wouldn’t like being put through a report of findings that takes three visits to complete. Once we have completed our examination with you, we will discuss what we found right then and there – no waiting to find out if we can help you.  We will discuss what we can do to help you and what to expect.  Usually we are able to schedule time so that we can get started fixing your problems on your first visit.  If it is decided to render treatment on your first visit, the appropriate office visit fee will be applied in addition to the new patient visit fee.

Office Visit Fees

We use an appointment model and a fee schedule for our office visits that is very simple and straight forward.

Chiropractic Adjustment Only – $35

Standard office visits are about 10 minutes in duration from the time you start with the doctor until you leave the office.  We generally run on time, so you can be assured that you will not have to wait.  Please be on time or early for your appointments. 

Extended Office Visits – 15 minute session: $75 / 30 minute session: $135

When your examination reveals home run formula components above and beyond “structural” components, then more time will be required for your visit.  Generally, 30 minute sessions are the most popular, but for some, time and financial considerations dictate a shorter, 15 minute session.

Support Products

Part of the formula for health we use includes homeopathic and nutritional support products.  We test you for each component of the formula at each visit, so you can rest assured that if your body doesn’t need a support product, you won’t be offered it.  We do not push you to purchase from our retail center, but we do recommend products that your body tests positively for and will help you heal – after all, that is what you are coming for.

  NET Homeopathic Remedies: $23

  Nutritional Support: Prices vary. 

One Light – ChiroThin Doctor Supervised Weight Loss Program

There are multiple levels to the program and fees for each vary – please schedule your free one to one consultation with Dr. John to determine which level is best for you.


Wealth Coaching – There is no charge for this service.